LINKS simulations are integrative, engaging, team-based, customizable, competitive business simulations for undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA courses and for corporate executive education programs. LINKS is designed in a modular fashion to permit application in a variety of educational and instructional contexts.

The LINKS portfolio has evolved since 1999 to include 24 enterprise management, marketing, services, and supply chain management simulations.

Randy Chapman, the LINKS author, provides direct-from-the-author support to instructors throughout LINKS events. The author's on-going R&D efforts continue to enhance the underlying LINKS simulation portfolio and asset-base.

The LINKS website provides convenient access to a rich array of pre-event and within-event LINKS resources. In addition to (passcode-protected) instructor resources, the LINKS website includes these resources to support LINKS students:

Enterprise Management Simulations
LINKS Enterprise Management Simulation
LINKS Enterprise Management Simulation [Enriched Edition]
xLINKS Enterprise Management Simulation [Extreme Edition]

Marketing Simulations
LINKS Marketing Tactics Simulation
LINKS Marketing Principles Simulation
LINKS Marketing Simulation
LINKS Marketing Strategy Simulation
LINKS Marketing Analytics Simulation
LINKS B2B Marketing Simulation
LINKS Marketing Research Simulation
LINKS Multi-Channel Management Simulation
LINKS Multi-Channel Management Essentials Simulation
LINKS Positioning Strategy Simulation
xLINKS Marketing Strategy Simulation [Extreme Edition]
Services Simulations
LINKS Services Management Simulation
LINKS Services Marketing Simulation
LINKS Services Operations Management Simulation
LINKS Service Quality Management Simulation
xLINKS Services Management Simulation [Extreme Edition]

Supply Chain Management Simulations
LINKS Procurement Management Fundamentals Simulation
LINKS Supply Chain Management Fundamentals Simulation
LINKS Supply Chain and Service Management Simulation
LINKS Supply Chain Management Simulation
LINKS Supply Chain Management Simulation [Extended Edition]

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