LINKS Simulations: Instructor Interviews

These links catalog and directly reference Instructor Interviews from the LINKS Newsletter.

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Darin White (Samford University): Drafting LINKS Teams

Cliff Defee (Auburn University): Compressed LINKS

Zach Zacharia (Lehigh University): Evolving Preferences For LINKS Industry Setup
Lisa Bolton (Pennsylvania State University): Teaching With LINKS: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Bruce Nichols (Samford University): Simulations in Corporate ExecEd Progams
Zach Zacharia (Lehigh University): The Benefits of Using LINKS Tutorials
Darin White (Samford University): Corporate Executive Education

Mary Holcomb (University of Tennessee): Tweeking Oral Reports at Event's End
Darin White (Samford University): The Extreme LINKS User
Kyle Huggins (James Madison University): Advice To My Successor ...
Nancy Stephens (Arizona State University): Just a Spoon Full of Sugar ...
Gordon Smith (University of Houston): LINKS Team Formation and Use of Instructional Assistants
Randy Chapman ( The Metamorphosis of LINKS
Jim Brown (West Virginia University): Why I Use the LINKS Benchmarking Survey
Peter Dacin (Queen's University): LINKS @ Queen's University
Frank Franzak (Virginia Commonwealth University): Teaching Product Development To Engineers

Stacey Hills (Utah State University): Individual Performance Assessment in Large Group Projects
Zach Zacharia (Lehigh University): One 8-Firm LINKS Industry or Two 4-Firm LINKS Industries?
Michael Song (University of Missouri-Kansas City): New Venture Creation and Product Innovation
Ike Ehie (Kansas State University): LINKS in Africa
Dwight Dowdell (Dowdell & Associates): E-learning and LINKS in Corporate Education
Kyle Huggins (James Madison University): Using the LINKS Services Management Simulation in a Retailing Course
Chris Puto (University of St. Thomas): LINKS Across The Curriculum
Steve Bear (Iona College): Teaching Through a LINKS Tsunami
Jarrod Goentzel (MIT): The MIT-Zaragoza Program
Chad Autry (Oklahoma City University) and Tony Roath (University of Oklahoma): A Two-School LINKS Competition

Mary Holcomb (University of Tennessee): Single-Person Teams in Cloned LINKS Industries
Nancy Stephens (Arizona State University): An Experienced LINKS User's Perspective
Al Quinton (The College of New New Jersey): The Johnson & Johnson Mentoring Program at TCNJ
Elten Briggs (University of Texas at Arlington): A First-Time User's Perspective on LINKS

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