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About What's New?  Competition participants should check this “What's New?” webpage several times weekly throughout the LINKS Global Competition. This “What's News?” webpage is the primary form of communication from to participants throughout the competition. Time-sensitive news and announcements will be e-mailed directly to participants.

October 26, 2018LINKS Global Marketing Competition: The 2019 LINKS Global Marketing Competition is scheduled for March-April 2019. The LINKS Marketing Simulation is used in the LINKS Global Marketing Competition.

Highlights of the LINKS Global Marketing Competition:

  • Cross-Institution 6-Round Marketing Simulation Competition
  • Your Student Teams Compete Against Student Teams From Other Institutions
  • Challenges Students in an Intense Team-Based Cross-Institution Competition
  • For Students in Academic Degree-Granting Programs Worldwide
  • Targeted at Upper-Level Undergraduates and All MBAs
  • Further details about the March-April 2019 LINKS Global Marketing Competition (scheduling, student eligibility, costs, and registration procedure) are accessible via the LINKS Global Competition link on the LINKS website.

     Registration signup and payment deadline for the 2018 LINKS Global Marketing Competition: March 1, 2019

    Participating in a LINKS Global Marketing Competition is an alternative instructional/learning opportunity to the traditional usage of LINKS within a single instructor’s course (i.e., an event with students from a single course conducted according to the course instructor’s preferred scheduling).

    Questions? Faculty members with questions about the LINKS Global Marketing Competition are invited to contact Randy Chapman, the LINKS author (

    Reminder: About LINKS Game Run TimingThe LINKS Administrator executes LINKS game runs; LINKS doesn't run automatically on the web-server. LINKS game runs involve downloading an industry's inputs from the LINKS web-server, running the LINKS software on a Windows-based PC, checking the results, uploading new results to the LINKS web-server, and e-mailing all industry participants a 'New Results Available' message. We only promise prompt turnaround of LINKS game runs (within three hours of the input submission deadline) in the 800am-1000pm timeframe US Eastern Time. Sometimes, late-night US Eastern Time game runs will be executed shortly after the input submission deadline. But, more typically, industries with last-night input submission deadlines are executed early the following morning (US Eastern Time). In any event, all industry participants are e-mailed a 'New Results Available' message after the completion of a LINKS game run.

    Reminder: About LINKS InputsWhile any number of members of a LINKS firm may access the LINKS Simulation Database simultaneously, only one member at a time can input new decisions. If multiple members of a LINKS firm attempt to make inputs simultaneously, problems can arise. All decision inputs might not be saved successfully on the LINKS server with simultaneous inputs from multiple LINKS firm members. Any number of 'browsers' may simultaneously page through the LINKS Simulation Database viewing the current inputs. However, only one member of a LINKS firm at a time can input new decisions.

    Reminder: About Personal Credit Card PaymentsIf you pay for LINKS with a personal credit card via PayPal, please use your official LINKS e-mail address (as provided to us by your LINKS instructor). If you use an alternative e-mail address for your PayPal payment, please access the 'Paid With a Different E-Mail Address?' link on the main LINKS webpage and to provide the necessary information to permit us to correlate your PayPal payment with your official LINKS e-mail address.

    Reminder: About The LINKS Web-ServerThe LINKS website is hosted by a commercial web-hosting service on a shared server. Server traffic on the other sites hosted on the LINKS server can occasionally slow access to LINKS. And, more generally, server traffic can be congested at any particular point in time due to internet-wide load factors. If you encounter an apparent “server outage” when you attempt to access LINKS, please try again later (say an hour later). Past experience with the hosting service is that “server outages” are usually of relatively short duration. We continue to be pleased with the performance of our web-server host, 1&1 Internet Inc. Our experience is that the LINKS web-server is “up” 99%+ of the time, which is certainly an excellent performance level. Of course, this still implies that there will be occasional “outages” of, perhaps, an hour or so per week. For LINKS users, the possibility of unexpected web-server outages implies that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to access the LINKS Simulation Database to submit your inputs. And, a contingency plan should be in place, “just in case” inputting problems arise. Such contingency planning is, of course, a normal part of business planning and LINKS is, after all, a simulation of business management principles/practices/challenges.

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